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Pricing: Learn how AWD maximizes your cost saving and value.

Managed Drill Maintenance Programs: benefits: zero turn around time reconditioning, volume prices.

Drill modifications: include diameter reduction, controlled lengths, and more.

Identification: can be a valuable asset in production and inventory control. AWD offers a wide range of identification techniques.

Packaging: An important consideration for efficient, cost effective, yet protective handling and transportation.

Shipping: AWD offers many time and cost saving shipping benefits whether you are across town or across the country.


Cost is a significant consideration in any tooling program.

AWD offers volume discounts at 10, 50, and 100 drills per size.

Pricing is based on size not brand; therefore it is possible to combine numerous brands of same size drills for a volume discount. Please note that drill condition and certain specific requirements may impact cost.

There are no minimum quantities.

Managed Drill Maintenance:

AWD’s flexible Managed Drill Maintenance (MDM) programs can be tailored to accommodate your needs, whether it’s distributor based, distributor based user managed, or strategic partnering. AWD’s reconditioning services will also reduce costs associated with handling, shipping, sorting, paperwork, etc., while providing a consistent supply of quality reconditioned drills, minimizing cost and optimizing productivity. Offering a virtual zero turn around time at substantial savings.

You send your production volume of drills to us, we will recondition them based on your production requirements, inventory them, ship as required, even to a specific department or location.

Drill Modifications:

Many times a specific diameter or length is unavailable.

We can reduce the diameter of a larger standard drill to your exact diameter requirements, either solid carbide or replaceable drill tips.

Add corner chamfers, create special points angles, etc...
Some limitations may apply.


Laser marking may include information such as; size, job or part #, serial # or any other useful data.
In addition to the ability to apply a mark, AWD can remove the mark or change it. This provides our customers an opportunity to reassign a drill from one job to another, furthering drill utilization, reducing costs.

Other identification techniques are presented in the packaging section.



Carbide Drill Packages:

AWD offers a number of inexpensive but highly effective methods for handling and protecting hi-performance drills.

From heavy wound telescoping paper tubes to clear or colored plastic telescoping sleeves, these products provide a double wall protection from shipping and handling damage and are reusable, many times over

Tubes styles from ¼” to 1-1/2
Each drill tube is labeled with drill diameter.
Additional information is available.

Replaceable Drill Tip Packaging:

AWD can return your reconditioned carbide drill tip inserts in your containers or supply packaging from singles, 10 or 18 piece lot boxes or up to 50 per molded tray for bulk quantities.


Additional packaging and protection methods and products are available for specific requirements or special requests such as site specific vending. Contact us with your requirements or request a complete packaging options page.

All of our packaging materials are durable and reusable, reducing reoccurring costs, disposal requirements and environmental impact.


shipping box

Our logistics specialists, authorized distributors or partners can coordinate direct shipments and out-going direct drop shipments, scheduled deliveries, or numerous expedited shipping options.

AWD offers 2 different sizes of reusable shipping containers for large or heavy shipments to reduce packaging costs and insure your drills arrive at AWD and are returned to you in secure containers preventing loss or damage.

Larger sizes are available, however they may be too heavy for UPS shipping when containing carbide drills.

All AWD outgoing shipments are insured.

Carbide drills represent significant replacement costs if lost or damaged in transit. Typical carrier insurance rates can add substantial cost to each shipment, which may accumulate to hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.

AWD has established a transportation insurance program which provides up $10,000 per order, per shipment.
A nominal charge of ($.50 to $3.00 Max.) is applied per order.